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    Classic Bedtime Stories by Scott Gustafson

    Classic Bedtime Stories (ISBN 978-1579657604) is the third book of fairy tales by illustrator Scott Gustafson that I bought. Like the first two, Classic Fairy Tales and Classic Storybook Fables, this one is big, bright [...]
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    Classic Storybook Fables by Scott Gustafson

    I was so spellbound by Scott Gustafson’s Classic Fairy Tales that I immediately ordered two more of his collection of stories. One of them arrived today: Classic Storybook Fables (ISBN: 978-1579657048). It has the same [...]
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    The Three Streams

    In April, I blogged why I did not subscribe to Netflix and other streaming services but I acknowledged that in “two years from now, I’ll probably wonder what took me so long to subscribe”. Well, [...]
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    Classic Fairy Tales by Scott Gustafson

    I am always on the look out for a good book of fairy tales. There are numerous available today but most of them don’t appeal to me with their modern, often cartoony, illustrations. Most of [...]


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Myrren’s Gift by Fiona McIntosh

by Jun Pineda in Books

When I first saw Myrren’s Gift, the first book of The Quickening, in my local bookshop, I did not think it was a fantasy novel. The cover art showing a towering castle in a mountainous [...]



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  • We’ve had milk, white and dark varieties of popular chocolate Kit Kat, and now we’re about to see pink Kit Kat. I was intrigued to read today that Kit Kat Ruby, as it will be [...]