Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

My reading list is comprised almost exclusively of fantasy fiction and Jeffrey Archer is one of the few non-fantasy novelists that I read. His novels are quite often predictable and rely heavily on coincidences. But without exception they are all unputdownable.

Kane and Abel was the first Archer novel I read. The plot about two men born on the same day in different parts of the world is a compelling one. Archer weaves an intricate and entertaining tale of revenge and hatred as he chronicles the seemingly unrelated lives of the two protagonists. When their paths eventually cross, readers are thrown into a world of double-dealings, backstabbing, and intrigue.

Archer excels in making the readers care deeply for both the title characters. He does not make one the hero and the other the villain. Both are determined, successful and strong but ultimately humans capable of making mistakes. The twist that Archer throws in so skilfully at the end makes for one of the most bittersweet conclusions I have ever read.

Very few people I know would admit to liking Jeffrey Archer the Politician. But I can almost guarantee that this book will make you a fan of Jeffrey Archer the Storyteller. Give him a try.

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