Pink Kit Kat UK-bound!

We’ve had milk, white and dark varieties of popular chocolate Kit Kat, and now we’re about to see pink Kit Kat. I was intrigued to read today that Kit Kat Ruby, as it will be offiically known, will arrive in the UK and other parts of Europe very soon.

According to Digital Spy, Kit Kat Ruby gets its colour from ruby cocoa beans which add a berry-favoured taste to the four-finger wafer bar.

Apparently, Kit Kat Ruby has been around for a while now, albeit just in other countries like Japan and Korea. In Japan, they are on sale individually for 400 Yen (about £2.60) and in assorted five-packs for 1,800 Yen (about £11.70) or assorted seven-packs for 2,400 Yen (about £16).

The waiting game is almost over for the Brits as Kit Kat Ruby will be available from 16 April in Tesco stores. I’m excited but unfortunately I will be in Rome until July which means I will have to wait until then to have my first taste of the pink Kit Kat!

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