My First .SITE Domain

On 13 April 2018, I registered my very first .SITE domain: I did not particularly want a .SITE domain, but for 97p at GoDaddy, I couldn’t resist. What did I have to lose? I […]

Food and Drink

Pink Kit Kat UK-bound!

We’ve had milk, white and dark varieties of popular chocolate Kit Kat, and now we’re about to see pink Kit Kat. I was intrigued to read today that Kit Kat Ruby, as it will be […]


Salivating over Visualmodo

I think I have become something of a WordPress addict. Over the last few weeks, I have created four websites using WordPress, including this one. I even bought a premium theme for one of them […]


Blogging: 11 Days After

It has been eleven days since I launched this website and I returned to the world of blogging after several years of being away from it. I had always intended to blog again (the writer […]


Dallas 40 Years On

“Who shot JR?” This was the question that the whole world was asking in 1980 as the highly addictive primetime soap Dallas ended its third season. What was already an immensely popular weekly drama about […]


The Shannara Chronicles

I looked forward to the TV series The Shannara Chronicles in 2016 because it was based on the Shannara books which I really enjoyed in my teens, 20s and 30s. I loved the original book […]