Blogging: 11 Days After

It has been eleven days since I launched this website and I returned to the world of blogging after several years of being away from it. I had always intended to blog again (the writer in me was too strong for me not to), but two things in particular encouraged that return at this particular time. First, I took advantage of a lifetime hosting deal from Dragify; and second, my domain had been crying out to be used after being dormant for so long.

I have blogged about the teething problems with my Dragify hosting but once those were sorted, things have run smoothly, I’m happy to report. The site is fast loading and uploading the site is also a generally smooth experience. I’ve been having fun getting reacquainted with WordPress, choosing the best theme for my blog, and customising the theme to make it look and function just as I wanted it.

The Old and the New

The eagle eyed among you will wonder: if I launched the website less than two weeks ago, why then do I have posts going back as far as 2004? Well, I cheated a little bit. As I’ve implied, I’ve had blogs before and I recycled some posts from them that still have topical value such as book reviews. I did not want to launch a blog that was empty. I wanted some content right from the very beginning.

That said, it has been a joy adding new content. I expected to struggle, both in terms of thinking of topics and finding the time to write about them but so far I have have been inspired to write at least one post every day. I have been a student these past seven years and it is a pleasant change to write about topics that I choose rather than those chosen by my professors.

Starting Quietly

Apart from posting links to certain posts on my Facebook timeline, I have not done any publicity for my blog. I think I will wait until I have a lot more content to offer to do that. Right now, I am just enjoying getting the blog to look as pretty as I can make it and writing posts that I hope my future readers will find interesting. When all is said and done, I am doing this blog mainly for myself, to create an avenue to express myself and to celebrate my geeky side. When I am ordained a priest later this year (God willing), I will be a full-time priest and the Catholic Church will be my top priority but I hope that by having this blog I will always have the opportunity to enthuse and share the other things that I have always been passionate about.

I pray that my inspirations and enthusiasm will remain. I will try to post regularly with a healthy mix of short and long posts, the serious and the lighthearted. And if my posts ever get boring, I’m relying on you to tell me so.

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