Several Changes and an Alias

This website has been online for a month and a half now. It still feels very good to be back in the world of blogging, more than I expected to be. In fact, I expected the novelty to have worn off by now but I still have the enthusiasm and dedication to post regularly. I hope this enthusiasm continues as I want You BET! to be a long-term project and not just a toy that I will eventually get tired of.

Name and Hosting Changes

Though still very young, this website has gone through a lot of changes since birth. For a start, it’s gone through a few name changes: from The Geek Club to Switched On and from Switched On to its current name, You BET! Then of course there was the change of hosting provider, from the horrendous Dragify/Ahead Hosting to Namecheap. The switch has been a wise decision: I’ve had to contact Namecheap for tech supoprt a few times (about things that were my fault and not theirs) and each time they were fantastic. They sorted out the issues quickly.

Aesthetic Changes

There were several aesthetic changes too. I’ve lost count of the news/magazine WordPress themes that I tried, a couple even crashing the website. But I’ve always gone back to the Twenty Minutes Pro theme by Zylo Themes. It’s not the most advanced news theme out there but it’s clean and beautiful. And for just $29, it’s a bargain. It’s a bonus that Zylo Themes are always happy to help when I need help with customisation.

New Domain

Today, I registered the domain I’ve set it up as an alias of and so, in theory, the two domains will point to the same website. I say “in theory” because it will take 24 hours or so for to function fully. In the future, I might use it for another website. The beauty of my hosting with Namecheap is that I can have an unlimited number of sites. (As a side note, I owned several years ago but I did not renew the registration when it expired.)

No Promotion

Though I’m passionate about this website, I still have not actively promoted it apart from a few links I shared on Facebook and Twitter. For now, I am happy writing for myself and having the avenue for recording my thoughts about the things that interest me. I’m taking my time in building the content and making the website as good as it can be. I’m hoping that Google will do its job and will gradually include my posts in search results.

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