The Amstrad PCW

My love affair with computing properly began when I was in the sixth form in the late 80s and took up word processing as one of my subjects. I fell in love with both the […]


Dragonlance Chronicles

I first read the Dragonlance books soon after I left high school and just as I was about to start sixth form college. I had known about them before that: a few of my friends […]


Remembering The Wolf King

I have always loved reading. It feels that I have always read fairy tales and other short stories. We did not have many books at home when I was a child but I loved going […]


Let’s Go Book Hunting!

Very few things in life give me as much pleasure as books, and for me the buying is as pleasurable as the reading. Like most people, I seldom go to brick-and-mortar bookshops now as in […]


The Birthday Paradox

  While procrastinating this morning (I was putting off studying New Testament Greek), I started thinking about people with the same birthday as me. I realised that there are quite a few: at least two […]

Food and Drink


I think it would be fair to say that halo-halo is to the Philippines what gelato is to Italy. Halo-halo (mix-mix or mixed in English) is a refreshing dessert which is a blend of shaved […]


Renting software? No thanks!

A few weeks ago, someone about to make his first foray into photo editing asked if I would recommend Photoshop. Money was no object and the enquirer was technical enough to have found Photoshop intuitive […]


Feel at Home

Studying in Rome has its many privileges but one of the drawbacks is that it’s not home. I love London – the place and the people – and being so far away from it can […]


First Love

They say your first love is the deepest and the most special, the love that you will never forget. They must be right, for I have decided to go back to my first love. I’m […]