First Love

They say your first love is the deepest and the most special, the love that you will never forget. They must be right, for I have decided to go back to my first love.

I’m going to be greedy and say that I have not one but two first loves: reading and writing. When I was a teenager, I devoured books like there was no tomorrow. I spent all my pocket money on books and I spent all my free time reading about little people called hobbits and exploring magical lands like Narnia.

My thirst for writing was equally unquenchable. I wrote whenever I could: I just had to write whatever I was thinking. I religiously kept a journal for almost 20 years and it was no surprise to anyone when eventually I wrote for a living.

There came the time, however, when second, third, fourth and other loves distracted me from reading and writing. In particular, the advent of the internet and the digital age gave me something else to be in love with. I stopped being curious about Frodo’s adventures and imaginary worlds lost their appeal. I became a web designer/editor and developed a passion for social networking.

But now, my first loves are imploring me to go back to them. Over the past month, I have started to replace the books that I loved but which I gave away when I was accepted for priestly formation. It wouldn’t surprise me if is in love with me at the moment because of the number of orders they have been getting from me. To date, I have re-acquired five of my all-time favourite fantasy epics including The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Chronicles of Prydain, The Belgariad and The Sword of Shannara Trilogy. My feet are itching again to explore these magical lands.

And my hands are fidgeting again to write. This is why I have decided to start this blog, in the hope that it will be my main venue for writing my thoughts and recording my adventures. So please do pop in from time to time, and allow me to share with you all that I love.

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