MagicJack Go: a Review

I was in a branch of Best Buy in Las Vegas about two weeks ago (January 2019) when I noticed MagicJack Go for sale. I had heard of the MagicJack VOIP service many years ago […]


Hushed App: First Impressions

Hushed promises “end-to-end encrypted messaging and unlimited private disposable phone numbers, and SMS messaging”. It offers the ability to have a second or even several telephone numbers on your phone using the Hushed App, and […]


The Three Streams

In April, I blogged why I did not subscribe to Netflix and other streaming services but I acknowledged that in “two years from now, I’ll probably wonder what took me so long to subscribe”. Well, […]


New Website:

I was inspired to create another website today: a Flickr-esque website to display my huge collection of photos of my friends from Caritas Manila, a major charitable institution in the Philippines. All it cost me […]


My Home Printers Over the Years

It’s fascinating when we think how far home printing has come. Today, the ability to print pages and pages of documents in glorious colour is something we take for granted but less than three decades […]

Site Dev

You BET! Two Months Later

So, this website has been up for two months now and this morning I found myself reviewing its progress in my head and I decided to write down some of the thoughts that came to […]


WordPress Robbery?

My biggest tech mistake this year so far is not, surprisingly enough, signing up for the next-to-useless Dragify/Ahead Hosting lifetime hosting deal. I could always claim that I was misled by the false advertising and […]