I’m going to Vienna in June and I found the cheapest flight using Skyscanner, the popular flight comparison website. Like millions of other people I turn to Skyscanner for a convenient way to compare flights […]


First Direct and Voice ID

I switched to First Direct in 1998. They were the first to introduce 24/7 telephone banking and I liked the idea of being able to maintain my account from anywhere and at any time. The […]


My DTP History

I first dabbled in desktop publishing when I bought MicroDesign 2 for my Amstrad PCW. That was in the early 90s, and I was hooked. MicroDesign got my creative juices flowing though it was pretty […]


Switching to Mailbird

  In 2014, I posted how much I liked eM Client. I still do, and it would still be accurate to say that it’s the best eM Client for Gmail, my email provider of choice, […]


Lifetime web hosting?

Lifetime hosting for $47? It sounded too good to be true. The deal includes hosting for up to four websites, and up to 4 GB of SSD-optimized storage. Unlimited email accounts are also included. To […]


eM Client: a prettier Gmail

When Firefox 29 was released a month or so ago, it convinced me to abandon my browser of choice for a few years – Google Chrome. The latest version of Firefox looked modern and slick […]


The Amstrad PCW

My love affair with computing properly began when I was in the sixth form in the late 80s and took up word processing as one of my subjects. I fell in love with both the […]


Renting software? No thanks!

A few weeks ago, someone about to make his first foray into photo editing asked if I would recommend Photoshop. Money was no object and the enquirer was technical enough to have found Photoshop intuitive […]


Feel at Home

Studying in Rome has its many privileges but one of the drawbacks is that it’s not home. I love London – the place and the people – and being so far away from it can […]