I’m going to Vienna in June and I found the cheapest flight using Skyscanner, the popular flight comparison website. Like millions of other people I turn to Skyscanner for a convenient way to compare flights and look for the cheapest fares.

Now, Skyscanner has become even more of a friend. If you have the iOS app, you can now use it to search for cheap train journeys and compare fares – just like you would flights. You can also book the train tickets via the app.

Bryan Dove, Skyscanner’s chief technology officer, said: “Our focus has always been on making travel as easy as possible and our new train feature will do just that, with the benefit of no booking fees.”

There is bad news for people like me with only Android devices. This new feature is currently only on the iOS version of the app. Android will have to wait while it is still being trialled on their platform.

It is not known when (or if) the Skyscanner website will also have this feature.

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