Goodbye, Maplin!

So, electronics chain Maplin has announced it will be closing all its branches and even its website. Like many others, I’m saddened by the news. I’ve spent many happy hours walking around branches of Maplin. Whenever I see a Maplin shop, I would always go in to browse. Most of the time I didn’t buy anything but they often had genuine bargains like heavily discounted external hard drives and landline phones.

I was fascinated with all the gadgets, cables, wiring and all sorts of other things that were on the shelves. If there was anything that you needed to fix or get your gadget working, Maplin was sure to have it. They had items that nobody else would have such as obscure batteries and cables you didn’t know existed but you suddenly needed. Maplin was like a dependable friend who always had the solution to one’s problems.

Never mind. Maplin is going out with a happy bang. After the closures were announced, one team at a Maplin store took matters into their own hands by compiling a list of their most Frequently Asked Questions with just the right amount of resentment and self-deprecating humour. The result is this poster and it’s gone viral.

Goodbye, Maplin. You will really be missed!

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