Goodbye, Maplin!

So, electronics chain Maplin has announced it will be closing all its branches and even its website. Like many others, I’m saddened by the news. I’ve spent many happy hours walking around branches of Maplin. […]

Food and Drink

Pink Kit Kat UK-bound!

We’ve had milk, white and dark varieties of popular chocolate Kit Kat, and now we’re about to see pink Kit Kat. I was intrigued to read today that Kit Kat Ruby, as it will be […]


Story Teller Magic

One of the most magical things from my childhood is Story Teller. Story Teller is a collection of children’s stories and poems released as a partwork by Marshall Cavendish in the 80s. Think of a […]

Food and Drink

Sarap Restaurant in Rome

For a Filipino studying in Rome, access to affordable Filipino food is essential. In a country where there is an obssession with the two Ps (pasta and pizza), it is important to have hearty alternatives […]


Amazon Vine

It is not often that I can claim that some people are jealous of me but I have one thing that many people are genuinely jealous of: my membership to the Amazon Vine Programme. After […]


The Birthday Paradox

  While procrastinating this morning (I was putting off studying New Testament Greek), I started thinking about people with the same birthday as me. I realised that there are quite a few: at least two […]

Food and Drink


I think it would be fair to say that halo-halo is to the Philippines what gelato is to Italy. Halo-halo (mix-mix or mixed in English) is a refreshing dessert which is a blend of shaved […]