Dungeons & Dragons DVD Boxset

The Complete Series in a Beautiful Box

When I started collecting DVDs back in November 1998, one of my biggest wishes was for the powers-that-be to release Dungeons & Dragons – my all-time favourite cartoon series – on this exciting format. Even when the release was finally announced, the release date was put back several times. This collection was originally slated for March 2004 but it wasn’t until October 2004 that it finally hit the shops. Individual volumes were released between March and October but I resisted the temptation to buy for I knew that the boxset was worth waiting for.

And I was right. All four volumes containing all 27 episodes are housed in an elegant case made to look like a large tome (a spellbook, perhaps?). The boxset will look great on any DVD shelf but of course its value goes deeper than good looks. I feared that much of the show’s magic would have diminished over the years especially when I watched it as an adult but I was wrong. Every episode was as thrilling and satisfying as I remembered as a child.

The extras included are nothing special but there’s one or two worth clicking your DVD remote control at. There is an interesting interview with writer Micheal Reeves whose insights into the show’s characters provide for a better appreciation of the show. There’s also a featurette that looks at the opening sequence made for the second season which is now no longer used (watch it to find out why!). In addition, there are fan commentaries on many of the episodes.

If I had to make a negative comment, it’s the fact that there was never a concluding episode made. The show ends abruptly and we never see our heroes fulfil their mission of getting back home. This is rather unfortunate given that the collection’s tagline is “Only heroes will make it home”. Despite this, Dungeons and Dragons is fantasy viewing at its best. Get your copy now and get spellbound all over again.

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