The High Lord by Trudy Canavan

An ending that leaves you wanting more

In this final instalment of The Black Magician trilogy, we finally learn all of Akkarin’s secrets and the grave impact they have on the Guild, and indeed the whole of Imardin. As a result, Sonia finds herself having to make a life-changing decision. Dare she break one of the Guild’s strictest laws and risk execution to save the world?

Cery and the thieves from the slums feature much more heavily in this third volume. They play an important part in the scheme of things, a development I welcomed as I missed their exploits in The Novice, the second book in the series.

Be warned: there are several unexpected deaths in this book including those of a few major characters. And if you think you know who the Black Magician referred to in the trilogy’s title, you might want to take another guess.

Some readers have found that the climatic battle ends too abruptly. The expected defeat of the villains at the end does indeed happen too quickly but The High Lord still provides a satisfying conclusion to a compelling fantasy trilogy. Loose ends are tied up well, while at the same time making you wish for more.

I already miss reading about Sonea and her friends. But hopefully not for long for Trudi Canavan has promised two further trilogies (a prequel and a sequel) to continue their story. I can’t wait.

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