Story Teller Magic

One of the most magical things from my childhood is Story Teller. Story Teller is a collection of children’s stories and poems released as a partwork by Marshall Cavendish in the 80s. Think of a […]


The Chronicles of Prydain

When I finished reading the last book of The Chronicles of Narnia in my early teens, I was heartbroken. I never wanted to leave C.S. Lewis’ magical land of talking animals. Narnia had become like […]


Late into Dahl

I shall make a confession that any self-confessed bookworm would be ashamed of: until a few months ago, I was ignoring Roald Dahl. As a child, I remember reading James and the Giant Peach after […]


The New Dynasty

In the 80s, D&D meant two things, both of which were phenomenal: Dungeons & Dragons, and Dallas and Dynasty. I don’t know much about the former, since I never played the fantasy role-playing game but […]


The Filipino Channel

In 2004, The Filipino Channel was finally available in Europe, ten years after it had launched in the United States. I was one of the first to subscribe (the fourth in the UK, I believe) even […]

Food and Drink

Sarap Restaurant in Rome

For a Filipino studying in Rome, access to affordable Filipino food is essential. In a country where there is an obssession with the two Ps (pasta and pizza), it is important to have hearty alternatives […]


Too Many Heroes?

It started with Smallville. I watched every episode of all ten seasons and when the show ended in 2011 I needed another superhero to fill the void it had left in my TV schedule. Luckily, […]


Gattaca (1997)

Last semester, I took Bioethics as one of my courses. For a week’s assignment, the class was asked to watch the sci-fi film, Gattaca, and then write our thoughts on it. The following is what […]


Amazon Vine

It is not often that I can claim that some people are jealous of me but I have one thing that many people are genuinely jealous of: my membership to the Amazon Vine Programme. After […]


My DTP History

I first dabbled in desktop publishing when I bought MicroDesign 2 for my Amstrad PCW. That was in the early 90s, and I was hooked. MicroDesign got my creative juices flowing though it was pretty […]