The New Dynasty

In the 80s, D&D meant two things, both of which were phenomenal: Dungeons & Dragons, and Dallas and Dynasty. I don’t know much about the former, since I never played the fantasy role-playing game but I was very much hooked on the latter. Dallas and Dynasty were the two biggest shows on TV attracting millions of fans worldwide and registering record ratings that today’s TV shows can only dream of.

In 2012, Dallas was revisited, focussing on a new generation of Ewings while retaining original characters such as Bobby, Sue Ellen and of course, JR Ewing. Audiences were initially receptive to the revival which lasted for three seasons. However, actor Larry Hagman’s death during the first season contributed to the show’s waning popularity and eventual cancellation in 2014.

In 2017, it was the turn of Dynasty to be brought back from the dead. But instead of a resurrection like Dallas’ re-appearance had been, Dynasty’s return was more of a reincarnation. Rather than continue with the next generation of Carringtons, Dynasty 2017 went back to square one and re-imagined the show instead. The new version set out to be more diverse and politically correct. And so Krystle became a young Latina and respelled Crystal, Sammy Jo transformed from a manipulative and gold-digging woman to a gay man, and the Colbys were revised as a villainous black family.

Reviews have been lukewarm at best and so far, the ratings have not been great for nuDynasty in the US with every episode on The CW attracting less than one million. But the deal with Netflix, which has exclusive rights to show it in other countries, is helping to keep it afloat. I am more accepting than most of the changes made in the show but I wish that they retained the original theme and opening credits. The theme and the credits were two of the things that made Dynasty grander, bigger and more glamorous than even Dallas.

Here are the opening credits for the new Dynasty:

And here is my version which is based on the original:

I am personally hoping that it will get a second season as I am enjoying having the Carringtons back.

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