Lifetime web hosting?

Lifetime hosting for $47? It sounded too good to be true. The deal includes hosting for up to four websites, and up to 4 GB of SSD-optimized storage. Unlimited email accounts are also included. To be fair, $47 was the sale price and the normal price tag was $299, but even at that full price, there was something about the deal that did not sound legitimate. You get what you pay for, right? I remembered buying a lifetime subscription for a VPN service, also at a cut-down price. It worked very well at first and now, two years later, it’s hardly usable. Either I do not manage to connect or when I do, my connection is extremely slow. Too many subscribers, I expect.

But then, I started to do research. Dragify, the company offering the lifetime hosting for the incredible price, seemed genuine and the reviews that I read were generally positive about the deal. And so I decided to risk it. After all, even if the deal did turn out to be a bad one and the service became unusable eventually like the VPN service, I would lose $47 at the most.

Purchasing the lifetime hosting from Dragify was easy enough, but it became more less straightforward after that. I expected to be able to use my shiny new web hosting straight away (as in the previous occasions that I bought hosting) but no set-up instructions came with the confirmation of the order. What was I supposed to do next? Eventually, I received an email from Ahead Hosting wanting me to go through the order process once again, but this time using a code given to me by Dragify to make sure I wasn’t charged again. It turns out that Ahead Hosting were the host, and not Dragify.

And so, I went through the order process for the second time, and for the second time, I got stuck. After the confirmation, I expected to be taken to the set-up process. But no. A couple of emails to Dragify tech support did not help me. In desperation, I re-read the confirmation email from Ahead Hosting and noticed something I had missed before. Apparently, they wanted me to email them the primary domain name I intended to use for the hosting. I did that, and about 30 minutes later I received an email with my username and password. I got excited again … finally! But oops! The login panel would not accept my login details. I emailed Ahead Hosting again and in their response, they admitted that they had given me the wrong username.

I eventually managed to log on, and the first thing I tried to do was install WordPress. During the installation, I was somehow kicked out and had to log in again, and re-start the WordPress installation. This time, it worked. I managed to import a few posts from an older blog and now I’m writing this new post.

And so, it hasn’t been a smooth ride with Dragify/Ahead Hosting so far. I hope the rest of the road is smoother. I’ll let you know.