Switching to Mailbird


In 2014, I posted how much I liked eM Client. I still do, and it would still be accurate to say that it’s the best eM Client for Gmail, my email provider of choice, because of its full synchronisation with Google email, contacts and calendar. However, two weeks ago, I switched to Mailbird.

Now Mailbird is a relatively new email client and in some ways it needs to play catch up with eM Client but it does the main thing that I need it to do: synchronise with my email and contacts from Gmail. Like eM Client, Mailbird’s Pro version will allow me to set up an unlimited number of email accounts and has a “unified account” view which allows me to see all emails from all accounts.

Missing Features

However, Mailbird does not (yet) have a built in calendar but while I’m waiting for this feature to be added, Mailbird at least allows me to install several popular apps, including Google Calendar. This means I can check and update my appointments without having to leave Mailbird.

Other missing features that I have requested from Mailbird is the ability to choose signatures for each email (rather than the signatures being linked to a specific email address) and the ability to see which accounts emails come from in the unified account view.


Mailbird looks beautiful and performs flawlessly. In the two weeks that I have used it daily, I have yet to encounter synchronisation problems. With eM Client, I would have synchronisation error messages pop up frequently – and these I certainly don’t miss. Mailbird also allows me to install it on all the computers that I own wherease with eM Client, I had to pay for two licences to be able to use it on my desktop PC and my laptop. Upgrading to new versions was also expensive. There is a free version of Mailbird but it limits users to just one email account. Upgrading to Mailbird Pro is recommended. I was able to get a 50 per cent discount on the lifetime licence which means that for a one-off payment of under £20 I can enjoy all future updates without paying any more.

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