You BET! Two Months Later

So, this website has been up for two months now and this morning I found myself reviewing its progress in my head and I decided to write down some of the thoughts that came to me.

The Look

I am falling in love with WordPress more and more every day. The platform is not perfect but I love how it allows me to write content easily and then present that content in the way that best suits the topic. In terms of the look, feel and design of the site, I am very satisfied. I think that I’ve finally found a theme that works for me and and one that I will be happy to stick to for a long time. No more installing and previewing new themes. What I like most about my theme is that it does not focus just on the latest posts. It allows me to highlight random and popular posts as well. Plus, I feel that the theme is flexible enough to grow with me as a blogger.

The Content

So that’s the look sorted out. What about the content itself? I have been watching a few YouTube videos on blogging. What many experienced bloggers emphasise is the importance of regular and quality output. I am happy to note that my passion for posting has not waned since launching this website. The desire to write, to share my thoughts is still very strong and I am optimistic that it will stay that way. Without wishing to go into psycho-analysis, it feels as though with this website I am able to share and show the real Me and I like seeing the real Me. To be able to gather in one place all the things that interest me is a treasure indeed, even if nobody else gets to read the posts. It is enough that I can express myself and enthuse about certain things. This is not to say that I am not hoping for some audience for my site. I’m sure that will come in time. I’m not in a hurry.

The Future

When all is said and done, a blogger is a writer which means a blogger will at some point experience writer’s block. I have not been blogging long enough to face this problem. So far, I have been able to come up with topics to write about, often without even trying. The series of Narnia book reviews I did this past week, for example, was a wonderful journey that I did not plan. The idea just came to me one day and then the words just flowed as I revisited one of the greatest joys of my childhood.

I have other ideas for future series of posts. This is not the time or place to list them but I will mention one. Over the last three years, I have developed a serious passion for slideshows. It’s a passion that I have not even mentioned in any of my posts so far but this is something I hope to remedy later this year.

Conclusion: You BET I’m loving blogging!

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