Salivating over Visualmodo

I think I have become something of a WordPress addict. Over the last few weeks, I have created four websites using WordPress, including this one. I even bought a premium theme for one of them because the more I worked with WordPress the more confident I became, and the more confident I became the more ambitious and demanding I became in terms of how my sites looked. The free themes began to look too ordinary.

Today, as usual, I received a few emails from Bitsdujour, a website from which I have bought quite a few discounted (and even free) software over the last year including Mailbird, Wise Care 365, ProXPN lifetime licence and indeed the Dragify lifetime web hosting that I am using for this website. Today’s offers from Bitsdujour included lifetime access to Visualmodo WordPress themes for just $39 instead of the usual $259. The offer said:

Streamline any design project with lifetime access to the Visualmodo library of responsive WordPress themes! Featuring a variety of themes for different types of projects and award-winning customer service, Visualmodo lets you complete WordPress sites efficiently. Whether you’re building a site for somebody else or designing your own, this continually growing library will always be a massive help. Lifetime access grants you access to all current plus all future themes in the Visualmodo library.

I got very, very excited. I had never heard of Visualmodo but I did know that premium themes would normally cost at least $59 each, many costing up to $200. And there was Bitsdujour offering me lifetime access to Visualmodo’s current 27 themes plus future additions to their library for less than the price of one theme. It was a steal!

The Visualmodo website

Even so, I stopped myself from going for the incredible offer straight away and did some investigating. I explored the Visualmodo website. The website looked professional enough. The themes looked beautiful and I started to salivate at the thought of all the beautiful websites that I could be creating in the future.

I did a quick Google search and what I read about Visualmodo did not give rise to any due concerns. Visualmodo seemed legitimate. And so, I went back to the Bitsdujour website and ordered lifetime access to their themes. I downloaded the 27 currently available themes straight away and I can’t wait to start using them!

Peak: one of the 27 themes currently available


  1. Hi Jun, thanks for your article. I am trying to decide about visualmodo. How have you liked it? Did the offer you purchased include support as well? Thanks, David

  2. Hi David. Thank you for your comment. The Visualmodo themes are very good. They can be a bit complicated to use but support is very good. I had problems installing one of them but Visualmodo was very quick to help and installed it for me. As long as you’re prepared to take time to learn how to get the most of the themes, I think it’s a good deal.

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