Why I Don’t Subscribe to Netflix

Everyone seems to have Netflix or Amazon Prime these days, or at least knows someone who has. Both Netflix and Prime released susbcriber numbers for the first time last week and I wasn’t surprised that they had more than 125 million and 100 million subscribers respectively. TV streaming and video on demand (VOD) are the TV of the future. The ability to watch what you want, when you want and how you want is a big attraction. Having access to a massive library of TV shows and movies is a great thing, as is the ability to watch them on different devices, at home or on the move. Binge watching a whole season of a TV programme is becoming the norm.

Despite all these benefits, I have never been tempted to subscribe to a TV streaming service. The closest thing I got to it was when I succumbed to the offer a month’s free trial of Amazon Prime in the summer of 2016. Thanks to that trial, I discovered and became a fan of The 100 – binge watched the first two seasons. I enjoyed a few other shows during that month but at the end of it, I still decided not to subscribe.

Reasons Not To

The main reason was that I was already following too many shows on normal TV. Even now, I can hardly keep up with the amount of superhero TV series that I watch. Subscribing to Netflix or Amazon Prime would only encourage me to watch even more which would result in me having less time for other, more important things. Like writing for this blog!

The second reason is an amusing one, coming from a self-confessed geek. I don’t like the idea of being dependent on the internet to be able to watch my favourite shows. I can take my DVDs anywhere and be reasonably sure that I can watch them when I want – even on a plane. I know you can download shows from streaming services which you can then watch offline, but this requires careful planning.

Still, I know that the second reason is as ridiculous as saying that I don’t want to buy a DVD player because there’s always the possibility of a power cut. It won’t surprise me that two years from now, I’ll probably wonder what took me so long to subscribe.

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