170+ WordPress Themes for $29

Collecting WordPress themes has become my new hobby, it seems. Not content with the Visualmodo deal that I grabbed with both hands on 11 April 2018, I have bought a set of more than 170 themes from Dessign.net with lifetime access which will allow me to download future themes, all for $29 (normal price is $100). Here’s the marketing blurb that convinced me to part with my money:

Whether you run your own website or build sites professionally, it’s extremely valuable to have a theme library at your disposal. Well, look no further. This collection of premium themes from Dessign features more than 170 fully responsive, aesthetically beautiful themes designed to make your site(s) stand out. With lifetime access to a continually updating library and a license that permits use on an unlimited number of sites, your future WordPress sites will never be short on style.

I’ve had a few days to experiment with my new themes and here are a couple of observations:

  • The Dessign themes are not as sophisticated as the Visualmodo themes. Much of the customisation is for the homepages while the second level pages look generic. The plus side is that the Dessign themes are easier to use than Visualmodo’s offerings.
  • Many of the themes rely on third party plug-ins. This is not necessarily a problem but it does mean that the some of the themes are incomplete and will not work by themselves. Finding and installing the required plug-ins is an extra step. (Note: Dessign.net, like many designers of premium themes, offers free installation and set-up of their themes to those who would rather not get their hands dirty.)

With more than 170 themes in the Dessign library, it can be difficult choosing a theme for your website. With that many themes, it is perhaps inevitable that many of the themes look “samey”, but generally I am happy with the range. I am sure that I will use at least a few over the coming years.

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