Black Lightning and Dynasty Renewed

I’m delighted: two freshman series on The CW that I watch have been renewed for their second seasons: Black Lightning and Dynasty. The former getting a sophomore season wasn’t really a surprise because it had been registering strong ratings since it premiered in January, but Dynasty’s fate had been much less certain.

The reboot of the 80s supersoap had been one of the lowest rated shows this season, with each episode attracting an audience of under one million. But I guess the Netflix deal and the recent introduction of Nicollete Sheridan as Alexis which has been generally well received have ensured that Dynasty lives to fight another day. Time will tell, however, if Sheridan has what it takes to turn Dynasty into a world mega hit, the way Joan Collins did for the original version as the original Alexis.

The other four series I watch on The CW have also been renewed: Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Despite me saying there are too many superhero shows on TV in a previous post, I’m kind of glad.

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