Robin Hood the Arrow?

I loved Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1991, despite Kevin Costner’s accent. I was indifferent towards Russell Crowe’s version in 2010. And now in 2018 we have another Robin Hood movie, this time starring Taron Egerton as the famous outlaw.

The first trailer was released yesterday. I did not know anything about this movie prior to the trailer. The movie certainly looks action packed, but I was left somewhat confused after watching the trailer. Robin Hood is supposed to be set in medieval times and yet the characters are wearing modern clothes. Does this movie have a modern-day setting?

The movie also felt very Arrow-ish. In half of the trailer we see Robin Hood either in mid-air or doing near-impossible things with his bow and arrow as he battles with the bad guys. Hmmmm … we don’t need another superhero, thank you. Just a regular guy who robs the rich for the poor.

The movie will be in cinemas in November. I think I’m curious enough to see it.

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