The 100 Will Return for Sixth Season

I was glad to hear today that The 100 had been renewed for a sixth season after a very promising start to season five. Season five started late last month and I have enjoyed the first two episodes so far.

The 100 is normally one of my reserve shows, which I leave until the summer months to watch because my TV schedule is normally too full from October to May because of the big number of series that I follow. But this year, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning finished early, freeing up time for me to watch The 100 when it returned in April.

Seasons one and two were compulsive viewing but I felt that the third and fourth seasons showed decline in quality. With season five, however, I feel that the show has been refreshed and rejuvenated with intriguing new characters joining established ones, and literally a new world for them to interact in after the fourth season saw life on Earth as we knew it wiped out by radiation from nuclear power. I am intrigued to see how the survivors will rebuild the new Earth and what it will cost them.

The 100 is still violent, often emotionally draining and sometimes depressing to watch. But it’s also now even more compelling viewing.

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