The Treasured One by David Eddings

Deja vu in more ways than one!

The Treasured One, Book 2 of The Dreamers, suffers from the same deficiencies as The Elder Gods, the first volume in the series. The plot is all too familiar and predictable, the characters are carbon copies from previous series, and the dialogues all contain the same expressions, terms and phrases.

Not only that: The Treasured One’s pacing is slow. The story does not move on from the first volume properly until past the half-way point in the book. This is because, in an attempt to develop certain characters, the Eddingses tell this novel from different viewpoints. Each section starts with a mini-biography of the character and readers are forced to read about the same sequence of events many times over, albeit from different perspectives. This soon gets very arduous.

This time around, the heroes are forced to fight an army of creatures that are half-spiders and half-turtles. But yet again, the protagonists win all too easily with the help of their god allies. Conflicts are always resolved quickly and the few obstacles that the heroes encounter they overcome with ease.

There are two more books to go in this series. I’m not sure if I’ll bother reading them. David and Leigh Eddings are talended writers. The Belgariad and The Elenium are two of the best fantasy series I’ve ever read but so far The Dreamers serves only to show that they have long run out of ideas.

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