Robin Hood the Arrow?

I loved Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in 1991, despite Kevin Costner’s accent. I was indifferent towards Russell Crowe’s version in 2010. And now in 2018 we have another Robin Hood movie, this time starring […]


Will DC Universe Outfly Netflix?

A Netflix alternative that shows nothing but DC superheroes? Count me in! Despite my previous post that suggested that there may be too many superhero shows on TV at the moment, the geek in me […]


Goodbye, Maplin!

So, electronics chain Maplin has announced it will be closing all its branches and even its website. Like many others, I’m saddened by the news. I’ve spent many happy hours walking around branches of Maplin. […]

Site Dev

Happy to be with Namecheap

I have been with Namecheap for just 24 hours and already I feel that I have made the right move. The experience that I am getting is so much more pleasant than with Dragify/Ahead Hosting […]