Iron Angel by Richard Poole

“The Iron Angel” is the fast paced and entertaining conclusion to the Book of Lowmoor trilogy. It reveals the mystery behind the five crystals and we finally discover what happened to the “giants”.

There is non-stop action throughout the book. While this is generally a good thing, it has also given the book a somewhat rushed feel. It was one escapade after another and I sometimes wished that the writer would give the heroes – and the readers – time to pause to catch their breaths!

This is the “shortest” novel in the trilogy when it could easily have been the longest. I feel that Richard Poole has tried to squeeze in too much over just 382 pages, and as a result character and story development have had to take a back seat. Characters are introduced and quickly written out, for example, which does not give the reader the chance to care about them.

All in all, however, this is a satisfying conclusion to a higher-than-average trilogy. The writer hints of further adventures in the closing sentences so don’t be surprised if a second trilogy surfaces in the near future.

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