The Painted Man by Peter V. Brett

In a world ruled by demons when the sun sets, three youths offer hope to humankind: a messenger, a healer, and a street entertainer. One learns how to kill demons with his bare hands, another acquires the knowledge to use herbs as weapons against monsters, while the third discovers that he can control the terrors of the night with his music.

The Painted Man, the first volume in a new fantasy trilogy, chronicles the growing-up years of these three heroes. From their humble childhood, we follow their road to self-discovery to adulthood. Sometimes provocative and sometimes funny, this debut novel will keep you turning the pages.

There is something in each of the protagonists that will strike a chord in every reader. Cowardice, sexuality, family loyalty, sacrifices and honour are some of the themes explored. They will lead you to question some of your beliefs about survival and maybe even challenge what society dictates as the right thing to do.

The book ties many of the loose ends to satisfy those looking for nice closure, but leaves enough revelations and unanswered questions to make you hunger for more.

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